Fitness  Center

The mission of the Rittman Recreation Center is to provide the citizens of Rittman and the surrounding area the opportunity to participate in quality leisure and fitness activities.


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Fitness Center


Speak to one of our front desk staff members and
learn about the fitness center equipment and classes we have
to offer.  Please dress in proper work attire-athletic shoes,
workout shorts, sweats, etc.



Back                                           Chest

Back Extension                                        Chest Press

        Lat Pull Down                                                Fly              

Arms                                            Legs  

Shoulder Press                                            Leg Press

Incline Press                                               Leg Curl

         Arm Curl                                               Leg Extension

Arm Extension                                            Multi Hip

  Multi Triceps                                               Calf Raise 

Triceps Extension                                          Abductor

Wrist & Forearm                                            Adductor

     Incline Press                                              Squat Racks

        Pull up Bars                                             Lunge Machine

Bench Press                                                            
Trap Bar                                                            

Cardio                                              Abs  

Air Dyne Stationary Bikes                              Abdominal Crunch

Standard Stationary Bikes                                  Stability Balls      

Recumbent Stationary Bikes                             Medicine Balls      



                                     Cardio Wave Machines

                                Adaptive Motion Trainers

                                         Versa Climber

                                         Spinning Bikes


                             Recumbent Therapeutic Elliptical



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